New Toy

I won an auction on ebay this week! I never bid on ebay but I did this time and I won! I got a mini-iron! I didn’t really know about them until recently and it is completely worth it!

It is so nice to have to iron small seams now. No tilting the iron at a weird angle to just use the tip of it.

It was so nicely wrapped:

Here it is:

So cool !! It comes with a small tip and this auction happened to include a large tip also. I haven’t used the large one yet but the small one is definitely very nice to use on smaller seams. Its been great for my mario quilt.


Went shopping today! Too late to take any pictures tonight so I will get some tomorrow. We found a REALLY awesome quilt shop in jacksonville. The Cotton Patch. So many patterns and fabrics. It was a little overwhelming at first!! I found a couple of quilt kits that I loved for me that I will be getting next time I visit. I will definitely be making that a regular stop!!


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