I know everyone (as in the 2 people that read this blog :-)) is curious as to what I have been up to. Well, I have been working with George.

Curious George that is!! A gift for a mama-to-be!

An up close shot:

The recipient doesn’t want to know the gender so we went with primary bright colors. This project is stopped as I am waiting on more fabric. (I only ordered a yd and I should have known better and gotten two.) I am going to do a border with the same fabric so that Curious George stands out a little more.

I recycled this pattern from my airplane quilt. It was a really fast way to get this done. I have too many other complicated projects going to jump into a complicated baby quilt. This whole top came together in about 6 to 7 hrs total.

Since I am waiting on more fabric, I decided to use up my scrap piece from cutting the blocks and make an accessory:

My first Envelope-Back pillow. I pulled a tutorial with measurements off of the internet but they ended up being wrong so I figured this one out myself.

I used leftover light blue minky on the back. My corners stick out some…I think that’s from the minky stretching. (I had the cotton on the bottom while sewing and I should have had the minky so that I could ease it in.) If I cared at all I would turn it inside out and sew those in a little bit, but I am trying to teach myself not to be a perfectionist on everything. So, I am leaving them.

I have to say that my new sewing machine was so different to sew this minky than my old one. I just cranked the tension up to about a 7, lowered my stitch length and it sewed like butter. You can’t even see the stitches once they are sewn. It was so nice compared to my last experience.

The best thing about this type of pillow is that since there is a pillow form in there, the cover can be taken off and washed.  The pillow form is 12×16 and I picked it up at Walmart. Found the Curious George fabric on Etsy. (What can’t you find on there!!??) It was the only fabric that wasn’t $15 or $20 a yard. Turns out that Curious George is a pretty popular monkey!

Back to paper piecing and some Mario and 1 or 2 other secret projects.



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