Random Ramblings

Not too much has been happening this week. I have completed a few more paper piecing blocks. I will add them into the paper piecing post and try to figure out how to move it back up to the top.

The Pirate Quilt…I think that I have everything except some fusible web and different colored thread. (I am seriously lacking in the thread dept! Added this to my mental wish list for my new sewing room) I am going to try to remember to pick those up soon so I can get started. I have been practicing applique stitches on my machine and think I have found one I like.

Also, on the practicing front, I have been working on teaching myself (courtsey of the internet and a few books) how to free motion quilt. You have a small foot that attaches to the machine and you drop your feed dogs. This gives you complete control of your stitches. The faster you move your fabric, the larger the stitches. The slower you move your faric, the smaller the stitches. Its a very hard rythum to achieve. I felt pretty good about my stitching, I just wasn’t very good figuring out what direction to swirl around in next. I am thinking that if I had a template to follow that I might be able to actually do this! πŸ™‚

I tried to write my name:

It is easier to see from the back…its backwards but still easier to see…

My highlight last week: I won my first ever blog giveaway!!From Melissa over at happyquiltingmelissa.blogspot.com

A very nice card and applique pieces that she put fusible web on and cut for me. Aren’t those owls sooo cute! There are more under the black boxes but since they are hopfully going on surprise projects, I didn’t want to ruin it. Suffice it to say that they are really cool looking. Thanks Melissa!!

Thats all I have for the week. A full time job and trying to get back into the gym takes up a lot of time!! HAHA!!



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