Yay Me!!!!!

What a terrific week!! First it was fabric and than I ordered my new machine!!! After a WHOLE LOT of research and reading reviews, I decided on a Brother Pc420. It was between this and another one and I went with this one for the amount of features on it for the price.

Here in this house we don’t bring home baby brothers, we bring home big brothers!! HAHAHA!!!

LOVE the clear bobbin!! Now, I can actually see when I am getting low vs having to check it all the time.

LCD screen! Those 4 buttons on the left are awesome!!! The green lit one tells you if the machine is ready to sew or not. It also does something else…it allows you to start and stop sewing witout the foot pedal!! Who knew!!! The one above it is the reinforce button. The next one up allows you to take the needle up or down without having to turn the side wheel. The top most one will cut your threads for you!!

Check out all of these sitches!!! I can’t wait to stitch all of these out!!

Look at the extension table! It adds so much room to work with!!

The computer screen: I haven’t yet figured it out but its only sat evening and I don’t have to be at work until 7:30am Mon. HAHAHA!!!

This little compartment removes to make room for the extension table. You would think that this would just be a normal compartment but alas it is not…

it is a storage place for all of the feet that are included!!

The top has a lid that raises up and this is where your thread spool is and where you wind your bobbin. You can leave this open while sewing or close it. It doesn’t affect your sewing either way!

Another view of the bobbin/bed.

I also ordered a book along with the machine. It is right up my alley…squares!!! Its a book all about modern quilts made only with squares!

I got section 3 done on mario this afternoon! Only 5 more sections to go!

OK, time to get off of the computer and back into the sewing seat!! Wish me luck!!




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3 responses to “Yay Me!!!!!

  1. Ferna

    How do you store the foot controller and the wide table extension? I am thinking about getting the table and need something that organizes and stores easily.

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  3. Karen

    Love this machine, and your comments about it are all very informative! I hope if someone is looking for a machine, they manage to find your blog. You are going to have to let everyone know how is sews once you really start getting some work completed.

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