Happy Hump Day!

Halfway thru the week. Got 2 paper piecing squares done so far this week. 2 more to go. (4 a week is my goal)

Jaime- If you are reading this, I haven’t forgotten about your pirate quilt. I am just waiting to get some interfacing and than it is full speed ahead!!

I received a box yesterday from the family,  filled with some fabulous flannels (considerations for the pirate backing) and some minke squares. I swear there is a square of every color known!!  I think that the ahoy matey with the ships is the front-runner for backing.

I was going thru my stash a couple of weekends ago, looking for fabrics to make my paper-piecing blocks when it dawned on me that I did not have a lot of tone-on-tone fabrics. Ok, with the exception of some marbled solids, I had none! I had plenty of main leads but no supporting roles. So, I got to looking. I fast discovered why it takes so much money and time to build up an adequate stash. Packs or samplers of tonal fabric is not to be easily found online.  I kept looking and I finally prevailed. Connecting Threads.  I came up with a treasure trove of supporting actors.

I found some batiks, some brights, some darks, and everything in between. Best thing of all, is that all of the yardage was on clearance so I made out!!

I have a picture of the batiks with some fat quarters but my camers did not photograph the orange well and it is pretty blinding.

Here is some of the yardage:    (JAIME – 4th one from the left is an awesome silver that is going to make a fabulous sword!!!!)

And, the sampler pack that I found. They had a ton of samplers (solids, prints, tonals) and they all looked worthy. (The marbled solid ones were gorgeous!!!) In the end, I chose one that had some specific fabrics that I was looking for. I ended up going with a Fat Eight sampler in part because of the price and because I knew I wouldn’t need a huge piece of fabric for what I am doing.These pieces are 12″x18″. The picture makes them look a bit brighter than they really are. The yellows are all more of a golden tone.

Thats it! I am going to do a bit more researching this week and hopefully this weekend I will have completely decided on a new machine and can get it orderd!




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