Weekend going-on’s

So, I am currently working on 3 projects at once. One is a paper piecing project that I am trying to see if I have the smarts to do it, the 2nd is Mario, and the 3rd is a crib quilt.

The crib quilt is an appliqué quilt of pirates, a ship, and all the fun small stuff that goes along with that theme. I practiced appliquéing a couple of fish so that I could see what I thought. They weren’t horrible! They were big though, so I have already decreased the pattern. I am going to try to pick up some interfacing for it next weekend when I am in Raleigh and than I can really get started on it. (if his tail looks funny, it’s because I didn’t finish it…)

I am also working on the next section of Mario. I sat down and sorted out the next 8 rows. I feel like I still have soooo many pieces for this quilt. I haven’t had my sewing machine out yet since the holidays so I think it is about time to plug that baby up!!

Here is my box of Mario squares. All cut and sorted in baggies by size. 

I than pull out what I need for each row in the order I need it and put it into it’s respective row # baggie. This goes a long way towards helping me stay organized with all those small pieces. 

On a side notes, I got my color card in on Thu! So excited to use it! I won’t have to settle anymore for solids that I don’t think match as perfect as I want them too. Yea!

I am headed out to do some stuff with the hubby, maybe bowling tonight, maybe jacksonville tomorrow for some shopping and texas roadhouse. Great weekend ahead!!



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  1. Miranda

    I love the fish! So cute!!!

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