Happy New Year!!

Now I can finally show what I have been working on forever!!!! I didn’t post much at the end of 2010 as I had so many secret things happening.

WARNING: This is a picture heavy post!!

First up: a baby quilt. Ducks. I love this fabric and wanted a pattern that would show off the larger print. This is about 42″x42″. A perfect size. It is backed in a blue minky raised dots. I don’t know that I will ever use minky again but it is so flipping soft and the quilt was a breeze to put together.

Next up was the Black, White, & Red one. Or mostly red, with some black and white thrown in.  I was completely ready to be done with this one. Many lessons were learned. The main one being that 80″x90″ is not fun to do on my machine. All of the B&W fabrics were just collected from various stores/friends/quilt shows.

This one was quilted with just straight line quilting. I outlined each of the red squares and also did a vertical line through each square to hold it. I had such trouble quilting it (my walking foot was acting up) that I wanted to do more, but the quilt would have been in the garbage can if I had continued.  I had to use dishwashing gloves to help move it thru as it was sooo heavy:

Laying on the bed while I pin on binding. Almost 400″ of it!!

Working on sewing down the binding to the back:

Each block ended up being 10″. Finished Product:

In the end, I do like it. I was just ready to hand it off. 🙂

The back was done to mimic a single square from the front. I found this really cool black, red, & white ninja fabric. Combined with some Kona black, I think it really made a fun, simple backing:

After that was the Marshall Quilt. This one turned out to be about 60″x60″. Much easier to wrangle than the horrid BW&R one!

All of the solids in this are Kona Cotton. In progress on my living room floor:

Final Product. I think it turned out fantastic. I LOVE the simplicity of it:

The back has to be my favorite part though. I quilted it with straight lines and than added in a bunch of diagonal. The quilting was done so that there are no lines going thru any of the white squares on the front. (Except for a few instances where my corners are not perfect and the quilting line drifts over…hahaha) I made the back also mimic the front with a 9 patch. I had one lone Marshall square left so I threw it into the back.

Last but no least, the Watercolor Quilt. I started this one about 6 months ago and have been intermittendly working on it since than. The fabric is Watercolor Stonehenge and they came in a fat quarter pack from Fat Quarter Shop. I also bought some coordinating colors of that line from them to add some warm tones to the quilt. This fabric was probably the best that I have worked with. It was so nice to sew with and the drape and quality of it were amazing.

In work:

Halfway thru the quilting, all laid out so I could see where to quilt next:

I did 2 horizontal quilting lines in each square and 2 vertical in each square. I didn’t want to do too much. I love the fabrics too much to completely cover them up with a ton of thread. I didn’t get any pictures of putting the binding on. I was sewing binding down until 2 days before I left to come home, so I was in a sewing frenzy to get this done and wrapped.

Here is the final picture:

I love the look of these bright colors outside against the harsh winter ground. Each square turned out to be 6″ and the quilt ended up being 66″x72″. Plenty big enough to snuggle up with!

The backing is also a Stonehenge fabric called Lilac from Fabric.com. I thought that the front was so gorgeous on its own that a pieced back would have taken away. So I did a single piece. They make this backing in 108″ so I had more than enough for the backing and the binding.

So, thats it for christmas. I have 5 things on my list to get done before the end of May. Finishing Alan’s Mario quilt is up next. I have a couple new techniques that I feel I am ready to learn this year also. The first one is paper piecing and than triangles.

And, since I figure you already haven’t looked at enough pictures, I will show you the christmas present I just bought myself:

A Kona Cotton Color Card! I can never find the exact solids that I want in my LQS (local quilt store) and the closest other place to buy them is 30 minutes away and even they don’t have a great selection. So, I think that this will be fantastic to be able to match up solids and order them online. I will know exactly what I am getting.



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