Spongebob Top Done

After quite a few design challenges and a lot of seam ripping,  I have completed the spongebob top. I am going to try and machine quilt this one. (Try…being the key word!) I just need to go pick up some batting.

Thanks Johnna for helping me out with some more really cool fabric!!

The yellow is actually a very small scaled flower design. You don’t see them except for up close. I wanted something that was a little warmer  than the original white and I think the yellow was a perfect choice.

Right now it is 61″x61″. It will definitely shrink up with machine quilting but it should still be a good 55″ square or so when finished.

The back is a dark blue & orange spongebob fabric that will be surrounded in orange on all 4 sides. (That was Alan’s design idea while it was all laid out on the floor)

Beach on Sat but maybe I can get started basting on Sun. Not enough hours in the day!

Sorry for the crappy pictures, Alan wasn’t home yet to hold it up outside for me.



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One response to “Spongebob Top Done

  1. Karen

    Love it. Very colorful and interesting.

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