Postings will be rare for the next few weeks. I am doing some stuff at my gym in the evenings and on Saturdays so hand quilting is all I will be working on for a while. I do have a handful of projects that I have all the fabric for. So, once the gym stuff is over I can work on some of that.

I found out that the Walmart in Morehead City still has fabric so I headed over there on Sat to pick some up and find out of they were closing it any time soon. They lady cutting fabric said that they were not remodeling until at least 2011. YEA! That means I still have a cheaper fabric option than the local quilt store and the internet within a reasonable distance.At least for another year or so!

Here is what I picked up:

Some yardage of solids and some fat quarters. I have a lot of prints but no solids. So, this will be a good addition.

I washed all of it, along with all of the fat quarters that I have accumulated and after a LONG evening of ironing, this is what I got accomplished :

Sorted and ready to become wonderful quilt designs. Man, there is not enough hours in the day!!! HAHAHA

Also, on Sat morning I went to the ABC Sale (Attic, Basement, & Closet Sale). I found a bag of fabric for .75 cents. Who can pass that up? I think it is mostly decorator weight but we will see what we can come up with for it!!




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2 responses to “Miscellaneous

  1. Miranda

    wha wha whatttt????? Moving back to a good state….Im going to go with Alan on that one!!!

  2. Alan

    Hopefully when they start that remodel we will be on the verge of moving back to the good state and you won’t have to worry about that option 🙂

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