A few weeks ago I ordered a quilt kit from Quiltsforkids.org. They are an organization that takes discontinued and unwanted fabric and they send it out to volunteers who make quilts out of it for kids in need. Kids that have cancer, or AIDS or any other life-threatening illnesses. Their website has a fact sheet that you can download that shows all the hospitals they donate too.

I got my kit via UPS and it included all of the fabric I needed already cut, a label to put my name on it, and a pattern to use. They ask that you return the baggie it was all in along with the pattern sheet, as they reuse everything that they can.

Here is what was in my kit:

and here is the finished quilt top which I put together in a few hours on Saturday:

The black squares are kind of dark and my living room lighting isn’t great so here is a close-up:

The 4-patches are light blue & green stars. All that is left is to quilt it. I have to do that by machine so this will be my first one. I still have some more testing to do with my walking foot first. (My tension is a little wonky when I use it) I did not measure it but I think it is about 40″x46″ roughly.

They ask that you send back one of your own in the same pattern when you send your original back but it isn’t required. I am going to wait and see how machine quilting this goes and than I will decide if I am going to do that or not.



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  1. Karen O'Rourke

    What a great idea, and I love it that you are doing that. Can’t wait to see how it turns out, but the top is really pretty. Loving the veggie bag, too.


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