New Stuff!

I got some more gifts this weekend!!

I got a couple of Sewing books from my grandmother and Nikie sent me some cool little gifts…a set of fat quarters and a project kit that has 6 half-yards of fabric and 4 projects that you can make out of them…hmmmm…so many possibilities!!! 🙂

I LOVE it all !!!!! Thank You soooo much!!!

My books were already in my bookcase or I would have added them to the picture. ohhh….I just noticed that the fat quarters look kind of like a yucky green in the photo above…I assure you that they are not. They all have really pretty greens, blues, & browns in them.

I should post a picture of my bookshelf that I have taken over. Its starting to fill up with projects, & fabric, & all kinds of goodies. I LOVE it!!!!!



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  1. Patch's Good Friend

    Happy Birthday!!!!!

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