Spongebob Update

I also managed to get the rest of the Spongebob squares sewn together. I laid it out with white sashing last night and I didn’t like it one bit. I think it is way to plain and needs some color or something. The squares are all sewn in columns. The columns have NOT yet been sewn to the sashing. I laid out some blue and red against it to see what it looked like with a border and it made it dark.  I am just not loving this.  I am going to look tonight and see how many squares I have left. I may be able to squeak out another column or two. If I can do that I may be able to get rid of the border idea.

I am lost on this one. This one may be headed to the bottom of the pile for a little bit.

Maybe it needs a bunch of spongebob yellow in between and around it to liven it up:




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2 responses to “Spongebob Update

  1. Karen O'Rourke

    Maybe you should have mixed up the squares and not done rows of the same color…?

  2. Nikie

    Hmmm…I think I’d vote for the yellow too, but this is coming from someone who knows nothing about quilting! Lol

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