New Fabric!!

I got new fabric tonight!! The UPS guy probably thought I was retarded…I saw the logo on the box as I was signing for it and got sooo excited! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fat Quarter Shop!!!

So, here is the packaging it came in (birthday card and all):

The wrapping paper may come in a close second to the fabric! Who knew they made wrapping paper that looked like an afghan! (Makes me wonder how I can reuse it! I have been reading too many sewing/craft project books! :-))

So here are my fabrics:

The one above is Bright Essential Dots. The colors are a LOT brighter in person. The pink (above the green) is really a hot pink…the green is a st. pattys day green.

Maybe I should start using my camera instead of my convenient iPhone. HAHA

The one below is Watercolor Stonehenge:

The Stonehenge fabric can not be photographed to look as gorgeous as it really is in person. It looks like someone painted the fabric. I am going to have to design a really special project for these fabrics!!

Also, there was a Jolly Pack in there which has 22 5″ squares. 2 of each 11 different colors:

The above squares look kind of blurry in the picture…they are not. It is just the print on the fabrics. Its very neat.

Thanks for all of the birthday gifts mother!! I LOVE them all !!!!!




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2 responses to “New Fabric!!

  1. I am so glad you liked your gift!!!! Thanks for posting!

  2. Nikie

    Wow…that should keep you busy for a day or 2 =)

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