9 Patch

Didn’t have much to do last night so I thought that I would start on putting together some of the hundreds of squares that I have for my 9 patch. I have a feeling that this is going to be either 2 smaller quilts or 1 huge quilt. Not sure yet. I just wanted to get some of them sewn together.

The below one is my FAVORITE so far!!

I just have the rows of each square done. I still have to put them together along with the other 500. (Not really, but I do have a LOT of squares!!)

Still waiting on my marshall fabric. Also, sewing class is tonight. I get to start contructing my bag!!




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2 responses to “9 Patch

  1. Karen O'Rourke

    Suggestion… a solid color border in between the individual 9 patches that offers a break and provides a tie in for all the fabrics. Keeps it from being so “busy”.

  2. Patch's Good Friend

    I’ll keep the PS3 warmed up while you are at class πŸ˜‰

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