Marshall Quilt

Just got word that my fabric that I ordered last Friday has FINALLY shipped. I ordered it off of HORRIBLE experience. Emailed them numerous times with no responses. Customer Service Number tells you to email! Never order from them.

Anyway, it should be here this weekend.

Here is a picture of what it looks like:

YEA for MU FABRIC!!!!!!!!!! This is what I am making my next project out of. Alan & I have wanted a MU blanket for a long time so I figured why not!!!

I designed it myself and figured up all of the measurements. I cut out templates for it since I am piecing the whole thing together.

Here is the cleaned up sketch of what I came up with. (You should see my marked up one with measurements and all….its hilarious!)

I LOVE that the prominent M (in the MU fabric) will be surrounded by simple white with a small border. The small border was my mothers idea. GREAT idea if I say so myself. Especially with the finished size of that M.

I haven’t decided what fabric I am going to do on the back. I am thinking that I am going to do a solid Marshall green. That is IF my quilting store has any Kona Cotton to match it up too. We will see. That is a long ways away. I have a lot of cutting and piecing to do first.

I will keep you updated!!



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