“Racing Carpet”

The below quilt was made for a nephew for Christmas. The panel was bought off of Ebay. It is Playmat by Fabri-Quilt, Inc. All I had to do was add batting & backing and baste it for quilting.

All of the quilting was done with Black thread. All of the objects seemed to be bordered in black so that seemed to be the most unobtrusive way to quilt it without adding to the craziness even more. The black thread turned out really nice against the red backing.

Making my binding was the first time that I had used a sewing machine. I got one for christmas and it was a lifesaver for the binding! (Thanks Mother!)

Finally got all of the binding sewn onto the front of the quilt.

Sewing the binding down. I discovered that bobby pins are a great tool for holding down binding!

Binding almost halfway done!!

Front Corner. My corners are definately something that I need to practice!! They are hard!

Picture of the Front after its finished!!

Picture of the back after completion. You can see how well the black stitching on the red fabric turned out!

The quilting took 5 to 6 weeks. The hardest parts were quilting the small things like the trees and the stop signs. It was a lot of fun to see how different everything looked after quilting it.


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  1. Mason loves this quilt. It is beautiful!

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