Atkinson Classmate Pattern

After finishing up my Guild Quilt last weekend, I started thinking about what I wanted to work on next. Well, turns out, April Fools Day helped me figure that out!

I was on Instagram perusing and I come across a post that someone had done about an April Fools Day sale at an online quilt shop. I seriously thought that it was an April Fools Day joke. The sale was for 35%!!! You don’t see that in the quilting world. With the price of cotton rising and fabric going with it, the most you see is a daily deal on some sites or 10% to 15% off sometimes until things go to clearance. This was 35%!!! I hopped on over to the website, Little Pink Rose Quilting, and started looking around very eagerly. Lo and behold, I found 2 Tula Pink “Hex on the Beach” quilt top kits!!!! These are made out of her “Salt Water” line and are no longer produced so finding one has been extremely hard. On top of that, they are a bit pricey when you do, but with 35% off?  I did.

Hex on the Beach

Well, I don’t think that I really grasped what I was in for. I mean, these suckers are small. Look, I am not kidding:

Hex on the Beach Hexies

Sorry for the Alien hand. Anyway, there are over 1,000 of these in that box. So, after seeing them all, I decided that I needed something to pu them in. I mean, I can’t just go around carrying the box? That’s where the Atkinson Classmate comes in. Julie and I got this pattern quite a long time ago and while she whipped hers out, I procrastinated. Like always. I am the queen.

The classmate has clear vinyl pockets along with zippered pockets, along with lined pockets behind the pockets. I mean this thing is a workhorse! So, I picked out some of my HIGHLY coveted Tula Pink “Nest” (circa 2008) and got to work.

Atkinson Classmate 1

I didn’t take any pictures while sewing it up until I got to the binding. Those Clover Clips are fantastic for projects like this one where you can’t put pins thru the vinyl. I had some problems with skipped stitches, even after going up to a size 14 needle, and got so frustrated that I quit for the night. I went back to it the next morning, with a size 16 needle, and it was perfect. Sometimes you just have to step away.

In the picture below you can see that the left side has a small zippered vinyl pocket at the top. That has a lined pocket behind it with a pencil/scissors/seam ripper dividers below it. Behind that whole left side is a lined pocket. The middle is a huge zippered vinyl pocket that also has a lined pocket behind it. The far right side is 2 smaller vinyl pockets separated by stitching.

Atkinson Classmate 2

I don’t have a non-stick foot for my machine so I ended up using tissue paper as a buffer between the vinyl and the feed dogs. It was suggested in the pattern and it worked perfectly. On a side not, I LOVE Atkinson patterns. If you have never tried one you definitely should. They walk you thru every step with pictures when necessary.  They make things like this non-overwhelming.

Partially folded:

Atkinson Classmate 3

The D ring on the right side of the picture is supposed to have a clasp on it. I didn’t have one and neither did Walmart so I am still trying to figure out how I want to do the closure. I may have to order a clip and just sew it onto the ring or maybe some ribbon or something. Still thinking about that one. Some people online have said that when it is full, the clip isn’t the best thing so it may be good that I didn’t have one.

Here it is completely folded up:

Atkinson Classmate 4

It even has a nifty carrying handle on top! Once I figure out my closure, I will be filling it up with Hexie’s and templates and lots of good sewing accessories. Plus, this will be fantastic to take on any sewing/quilting trips. Normally my notions end up in a ziplock baggie. :-)

It felt really good to get this done in pretty much a day. Now, I can mark that off my list and move on to other things. Zippered pouches, a Super Tote, a divided basket or two. I have a pretty long to-do list.



Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts for “Finish It Up Friday“. Go check out all the finishes for the week!!




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Quilt Guild Shared Blocks

After finishing up the Simply Style Quilt, I was ready to move on to some small things and than I remembered that I had one more thing to do first: put together my guild quilt. Over the past 6 to 8 months, everyone in the guild has been swapping boxes of fabric. So 3/4ths of my blocks are made up by others. I believe I showed my original fabric and 1st inspiration block previously, here. When I remembered that this was on a deadline, I figured I had better get cracking so that I am not rushing at the end of May to get it done. So, I whipped up the quilt top last weekend. 

The blocks all finish at 12″ and when I started thinking about layouts, I ended up picking out a traditional 3×4 layout with sashing in between. The more I thought about it though, the more I wanted to do something different. Why not? Change things up a bit around this place. I figured that since this is a “Modern Quilt Guild” that I should go a bit more modern, so I sketched up a mock layout with on-point blocks and a TON of negative space. I LOVED it! 


Here are the blocks after sewing them all together on point. I had to whip out some Pythagoras’ Theorem to figure out the top and bottom triangles. I only knew the measurement for the longer 3rd side of the triangle and I really needed to find the other 2 sides so that I would know how large to cut my starting squares. If anyone ever tells me that quilting is easy or doesn’t require a lot of thought, I will smack them. In the face. With a chair. Just kidding. Kind of…


Once I got all the blocks sewn together with their outer triangles, it turned out to be a super long rectangle. I added some more white fabric to each side and that was it! The left side got 17″ of white fabric…the right side got 34″ of white fabric. I wanted the blocks to be a little off center.


This isn’t the best picture, it was pouring the rain that day and I have nowhere really in the house that has good lighting. Once it gets quilted I will make sure to have much better photos taken. 

This sucker is huge. Something like 85″x85″. Its a monster. An unintentional monster. Nonetheless, I have no clue what I will be doing with this once it is finished. Not that I don’t like it, it just isn’t my most favorite quilt I have made. We’ll see what it looks like after the quilting. That can change everything. 

I did get a small project done this past weekend. I will get it posted as soon as I am able. I am anxious to show it off. 




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My Sunday Stash!!

I have splurged a little lately. Ok, maybe a lot. ;-) But, in my defense, the majority of it has been on quilt backings. It seems like I am finishing things a bit too quickly and quilt backing adds up man!!
Moving on, anyone who follows my blog knows that I am a Tula Pink lover. So, I was plesantly surprised when her new line, Foxfield came out. I didn’t love it! I didn’t hate it, but the love wasn’t there. I held off and held off but than a naughty person, I shall call her Julie, brought me hers to see in person. I was a goner.

I can honestly say, while I still don’t love every print, the majority of them are pretty great. Not sure yet what this will become but it was added to my Tula Pink cubby to reside with the rest of its Tula family.

I didn’t lay out all my fabrics but Julie did!!! Go here to see them all individually if you so choose too.

I have another quilt finish to show you but need to get some better pictures. I will work on it. Now that I am up to 4 quilts that need to be quilted, this girl is officially on a quilt break!

See you soon!!

Linking up to Mollie Sparkles Sunday Stash. Go check out what others are stashing this week!!


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Simply Style Charming Stars

Another finish!! I finished this one up last weekend. The fabric line is Simply Style and the pattern is Charming Stars from the Moda Bakeshop. I really like the bakeshop. It’s a collection of submissions by us regular folks using Moda precuts (charm packs, jelly rolls, layer cakes, etc…)

I have the backing in hand. Just need to get it sewn together and then it is off to Julie for quilting.

This quilt was a lesson in color values. There are some blocks that I love because the white stairs clearly defined and than there are others that you can’t see the star as well. That tells me that I should have maybe stuck with the more saturated charm squares and left out the lighter valued ones. Oh, well. It wouldn’t be fun if we didn’t learn something every time, right?

I have one or two more quilts ready to be put together into tops and than I think that will be it on quilts for a while. At least large ones. I haven’t been enjoying the big stuff as much lately as I have been the little stuff. Individual blocks, pouches, bags/totes, etc. I think I am going to work on the small things for a while. I already have a couple of bags I want to make, some makeup pouches, maybe get back into some of my Tula Pink modern blocks.

Oh, speaking of Tula Pink, look at what this girl had done…

See that spiral goodness on the left side of the book? Yeah, I had that done. The last time that I used this book, I had to crease the binding and put something on it to hold the page down. No more! Staples for under $5. I already have another pile of heavily used books ready to go be cut off.


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Art Gallery Quilt


I love being able to say that. Granted it’s not quilted, but since I send those out now to Julie, the hard part for me is done. I bought this one as a quilt kit at the Sewing Expo in Raleigh last summer. I procrastinated on starting it, and than once I did, I procrastinated on finishing it. After Julie told about the Finish It Up Friday linkup over at Crazy Mom Quilts, I figured, lets git ‘er done!

I LOVE it! Isn’t is great!!!


It would probably be a lot cuter in the daylight but I had to get a picture for you!

It was made out of Art Gallery fabrics. I don’t know much about these fabrics. I have found some matching ones from one of Art Gallery’s lines called Rhapsodia that I am going to use for the backing and binding.

The pattern is called Cloud Nine by Villa Rose Designs. (It came with the kit) The quilt turned out to be 54″ x 70″. Great size for gifting. I know exactly where this is being gifted to. Or, more specifically, I know exactly whom. As always, I hope that it will be well received.

As soon as I purchase backing fabric, it’s off to Julie to work her magic over at Creekside Quilting.

I am linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for the first time…this is very motivating!




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Swoon Blocks 3 & 4

Got 2 more Swoon blocks done yesterday!! I wanted to do 3, I already had the pieces ironed, trimmed, and ready to go, but that didn’t happen. These suckers are time consuming!

I always forget how large they are until I finish one and go try to put it somewhere for storage. Thank heavens for push pins and empty walls in a closet. ;-)

I am really loving these. Getting excited to see them all together.

3rd one to be finished this week and than I may work on some other BOM blocks to change things up. Also, need to finish up a quilt for a baby girl that hasn’t arrived yet.

Happy Monday!


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Block Catch-Up

I have a few BOM clubs that I am a part of. (BOM = Block of the Month) Unfortunately, life happens and these have all been put to the side. Well, last night I wasn’t in the mood to tackle anything large, I wanted to work on a smaller scale, so I pulled out some of these blocks and got started.

The first one is for a new BOM, Gypsy Wife, that just started over at The Intrepid Thread. I am really excited about this one. It looks like a mess from far away but there are a ton of different blocks in it. We get sent the fabrics every month along with directions on which block(s) to make. Can’t wait to see what the following months hold for this one.

Here is my first block for the Gypsy Wife:

Here is a picture of the pattern book:

The second Block of the Month club that I am in is the Hop Skip Jump BOM over at Sew Lux Fabrics. This one started a LONG time ago. An embarrassingly long time ago. I figured it was the perfect opportunity to knock a couple out. This one is also a monthly mailed one. They send the fabrics and the pattern, I do the construction.

This is block #1:

Here is Block #2:

There are 12(?) of these I believe. I have 8 and the 9th one is in the mail. That means I still have a lot of catching up to do!!

Happy Monday!


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